Komla Dumor… Very Shocking!!!!!

komla and herbertFrom his Facebook wall, “Looking forward to interviewing # South Sudan ex child soldier musician@ Emmanuel JAL on Focus on Africa today at 1730GMT”

This was posted on Friday at 9:20am. At the time of publishing this story, the post had attracted 205 likes and 323 comments of condolence to Komla who is now deceased.

Who would have ever thought he will be dead Saturday morning/ He was 41 years old.

Komla Dumor formerly of JoyFm and Anchor of BBC Focus on Africa was confirmed death by a close family source in London. Details of his passing away is yet to be revealed later today by the family.

One of Komla’s close friends Herbert Mensah Former CEO of Kumasi Asante Kotoko, who confirmed the death in an interview with Joy News in a tribute said, “My Dearest Friend passed away but two years ago and i realised then that if one so great as Gbegi could be taken away then we are all living at the mercy of God whom we worship and yet in times like this can never understand! My values have changed and my appreciation for the life of others has magnified!

Then in 2013 I lost family and friends! All losses so close to home it was frightening and testing! Death is something we are not prepared for and which even when we suspect it descending on us pray that it moves elsewhere!

The icy hand of death seems to have no bounds. Death strikes irrespective of age, colour, gender or creed and in 2014 it is delivering another torrent of sadness and helplessness to those of us still on earth.

We must be strong or so we are told. We must continue to keep the faith we are taught and yet in death there is nothing left to pray for and we must only continue to survive at death’s seeming pleasure and for others we love!

What if?
And yet we must still keep the faith?

I guess we all die!”

Maame Efua’s News Corner

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